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INTRODUCTION: A First Time Blogger

Updated: Feb 10

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Personally, Im glad your reading this and at least a little bit curious on the person behind the chair.

To give you more insight of what this page will consist of is irrelevant.

See, im what people call neurotic and scatterbrained. Society calls it A.D.D, and now Neurodivergent but that doesn't bother me anymore. However, It did affect my business(oops). Probably why it took me so long to finally get it off the ground.

If you havent noticed by now, there is no Rough draft with me. My posts will be the real deal! Written exactly how i talk, what i think and especially how i feel. These stories and experiences are all my own. I will also include helpful tips, fun facts,polls,quizzes and product suggestions(NO, not just over priced salon products, but stuff i have used for years. Such as local, small and off brand things u can find easily.

For example: Hawaiian Silky @walmart for about $6.00. Good for thick coarse curly hair and getting knots out. keeping curls without the crispies) That was a freebie,Your welcome! Back to keeping it Real. To My Readers,


The people in these stories are real. Some names will be changed for identity protection purposes & privacy, but mainly because people can be a lil too "peopley" for me. I'm faith based but some days i can get carried away with (let's call them) "colorful words."

Not intended for offense of course, just keepin it me. However, If you do get offended just hit the unsubscribe button located somewhere. I obviously haven't added that yet.

That being said, Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelts because only god knows where this is going.


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